A full service fashion development company

We invest our own time and resources researching markets and understanding trends and directions so our product development teams can work pro-actively with our customers designers. At the same time we are sourcing the best suppliers from our extensive network to ensure we can offer the best price & quality combination.

With our background in providing sourcing and production services for leading retail groups and brands our merchandising, quality assurance, technical support to our factories, quality control and, of course Social Compliance, are of the highest standard.


High standards & satisfied customers

All our suppliers are audited and regularly checked according to BSCI standards. The leading multi-national organisation assuring the appropriate standards to ethical and social compliance. You can read more about BSCI here

GMS Showroom also works with established and young brands with diverse needs in their sourcing and production requirements including DEUS, Denham the Jeanmaker, Alpha Industries, !Solid and Outfittery. Also Mr.F, McNeal, Review, Jakes, Christian Berg and Paul Rosen.


Get to know us

We have a Hong Kong head office with 60 staff covering Design & Development, Sourcing & Production, Technical & Compliance and supported by Logistics, Administration and Human Resources teams. In our office in Dhaka there are an additional 30 personnel. We source and produce across Asia. As well as China and Bangladesh we are operating in Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Madagascar and Turkey.

If you are interested in working with us as a sourcing and/or supply chain partner please contact our Managing Director, Mr Konstantin Kirchfeld HERE.

If you would like to become a vendor partner for The Showroom or just want to know more about the company contact the Head of Business Development, Mr Richard Hobbs HERE

“We believe we offer a product and services with The Showroom that will change the way fashion development works. ¬†We welcome partners and clients to join us and experience this transformation.”

Konstantin Kirchfeld, MD.