High standards & satisfied customers

In the digital age where the world is more interconnected than ever, responsible sourcing and transparency have become key differentiators for fashion companies.

At GMS, our CSR experts make sure we keep abreast with the most relevant regulations, standards, best practices and trends in and around social compliance. We are well networked and actively participate at relevant international forums and conferences.

All of our suppliers are audited, certified and regularly checked against BSCI, one of the leading global standards for ethical and social compliance for the textile industry. You can read more about BSCI here.

Moreover, all of our suppliers must adhere to our stringent Code of Conduct (CoC) and may only work together with firms which are also committed to complying with our CoC and requirements.

To counter child labor, GMS has also become a member of CCR CSR, the Center for Child Rights and CSR. You can read more about CCR CSR here.

For customers with varying needs, we also observe and apply additional compliance standards and measures, to ensure the integrity of their brand philosophy.