This is a great read from Wired about how Adidas have been developing custom manufacturing using all manner of robotics and 3D production.  This is definitely the future.  The question is to what extent and how will that affect all of us involved in design, development, sourcing and production.  Read the full article HERE and here’s a taste:

SPEEDFACTORY AND STOREFACTORY are both the brainchildren of a division within Adidas that is focused on new technologies called the Future team—a kind of Google X for sneakerheads. The division is small—some 120 people on a campus of 5,000—and its definition of the future is modest: just two to seven years out. “We are like a little company within the company,” a tall, gregarious employee named Klaus told me. As he gesticulated toward the glass doors to the Future team’s offices, which are at the back of Laces, his voice had the breathless tenor of a whisper without being quiet; everything he said sounded like it could be followed by a magic trick. “We try to push our company: Come on, get off your lazy ass, go into a new area.”