I am going to write this from a personal perspective, as being English and the home of Gentlemans tailoring being the venerable Savile Row in the capital city, I feel we have an obligation to continue in the fine traditions established by the fine mens and women on The Row.

One of the most influential of those is Mr Edward Sexton who I was lucky enough to share a dinner table with during a recent Pitti Uomo in Florence.  Ever charming and with his equally delightful wife I will refrain from repeating some of the stories told.  Needles to say this is the tailor who dressed the style icons of the 60’s and onwards including Sir Mick, Sir Hardy and Sir Paul among many others.  Discover more about Edward HERE.

Now, GMS is not claiming to produce our suits on Savile Row, but we do work with companies with direct presences and connections in this bastion of British tailoring.  Along with suppliers of fine fabrics and production facilities around the world to give our customers, both old and new, a broad commercial approach to suits, blazers, classic shirts and accessories.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you please contact our specialist based in Germany Mr Marco Lendzion who will be happy to answer your questions.

On the subject of fabrics you could do worse than learn a bit more about the oldest wool flannel weaving mill in the UK.  Fox Brothers was founded in 1772 and has a history of customers that is definitely not to be sniffed at!.

And I should mention that the current owner and I went to school together, and not quite as long ago as 245 years ago…….

Author : Richard Hobbs