/ 3D Design

Fashion technology is growing at a faster pace than ever. 3D design is changing the way how garments are made, enhancing and accelerating the design and development process. Technically, we can now go from scan to sample in just one day.

A new dimension to garment sampling

Using CLO 3D - a true-to-life garment visualization software program with cutting-edge simulation technologies, we create virtual samples. Through other advanced benefits of this technology including viewing, sharing and commenting functions, our clients can study these virtual samples in detail and give us feedback in real time.

In an industry where the average adoption rate is around 15%, every year, a large number of garment samples end up in the landfills. At GMS LAB, 3D design technology not only allows us to work on prototypes with faster methods and supports cost optimization through design to value, but also reduces the number of sampling iterations with our suppliers, thus lowering the environmental impact of the overall design and development process.