GMS Virtual Showroom


Garments in the digital realm

On our mission to build the future of fashion sourcing, GMS LAB has created the Virtual Showroom, which provides an outlet for clients to view 3D samples in detail from all angles.

With the ambience of a brick and mortar showroom, the Virtual Showroom allows visitors to walk around freely in its well-designed space with racks full of garments, all created by the GMS LAB 3D team. Clients can drop in any time, from any place, and simply by navigating through the showroom, they engage in a 360-degree realistic view of the samples while getting a complete presentation of information about a product including its style name, quality, country of origin and lead times.

An effective and innovative tool providing a seamless user experience, The Virtual Showroom perfectly aligns with our sustainable ethos by reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

GMS LAB’s Virtual Showroom is evolving to allow a fully digital sourcing experience, where our clients will be able to place orders directly.

Watch this space!