GMS is proud to announce its active and influential participation at the CLO HK User Summit 2024. This prestigious event, held at Soho House in February 23rd, brought together experts from the diverse sectors across Asia, including fellow CLO 3D users to engage in insightful discussions on innovative 3D samples development and sharing thoughts with the fashion industry.

As key participants at CLO HK User Summit, GMS’s Managing Director Marc Zoeller and Head of 3D Design Mavis Hui gave a presentation, in the focus of "Strategic sourcing for engaging customers: Interactive and Immersive". The presentation highlighted how GMS use 3D fashion design to amplify creativity, create virtual environments for our customers and reduce the product development lead time.

Marc and Mavis’s sharing is insightful. They elucidated on how GMS collaborate with brands using CLO to save time, money and waste, as well as how GMS present 3D samples using CLOSET, Lookbooks and Virtual Showrooms to engage customers.

GMS firmly believe that 3D tools are the future of fashion design. Its crucial to engage in constructive dialogue with 3D service providers to continually enhance software capabilities.

by GMS+
April, 2024